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How to choose the perfect wedding readings

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

These useful guides to wedding readings will ensure that your choices are spot‐on, whether you require religious readings or non‐religious wedding readings.

Choosing the right religious or secular wedding readings can make all the difference to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Whether you have opted for a religious or civil wedding ceremony, you will need to choose suitable wedding readings.

Wedding readings are not a religious or legal requirement but they can add real romance, importance and even humour and giggles to the ceremony.

Ideally, all your readings should sincerely reflect to everyone how much you love your husband or wife‐to‐be, but how on earth do you choose what readings to have?

It’s easy, because all you need to do is have a read of our simple guides and suggested readings from the list below. We’ve also included some tips on wedding poems:

  • How to choose church wedding readings
  • How to choose civil wedding readings
  • Common themes in Bible readings for your wedding
  • Old Testament readings from the Bible for your wedding
  • New Testament readings from the Bible for your wedding
  • Ideas for religious readings at your wedding
  • How to find non‐religious readings for your wedding
  • Ideas for non‐religious readings at your wedding
  • More ideas for non‐religious readings at your wedding
  • Readings for the wedding reception
  • Wedding reading checklist
  • The meaning of “I do”

The choice of readings is up to you, the only rule is that you must make sure you have had them approved by your minister or registrar beforehand.

Good luck!

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