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Intimate Autumn Ceremony Ideas

23rd September 2015 |By | Be the first to comment

Intimate weddings are characterised by their smaller number of guests, and the overall, more low-key celebration atmosphere. Imagine a cosy sit-down dinner with only your closest family and friends, or a close-set ceremony venue that’s large enough only for a dozen or so people. Here are some intimate autumn ceremony ideas that prove you don’t have to go all-out to have a beautiful wedding ceremony.

Intimate Autumn Ceremony Ideas |

An autumn wedding is stunning in a setting full of trees whose leaves are fading from green to gold. Therefore, a ceremony held outside is often very popular (though you must consider that autumn can be a season swept with wind and rain—see our article on what to do in case of Rain on Your Wedding Day!). However, an indoor ceremony like a church or hotel can be decorated to reflect the season too. The important thing is to first choose a venue or location that you both fall in love with.

Foxhill Manor |

Above, Foxhill Manor

To make your indoor wedding ceremony more autumnal, use shades of red, yellow, orange and brown in your decoration of the aisle through flowers and decorative accessories. You may even want to incorporate splashes of gold and bronze. A woodland theme is a popular choice for autumn weddings, so consider artificial trees as aisle markers and large, bold maple leaves as confetti, decorative accents, and even the bouquet and the buttonholes.

For the ceremony itself, if you’re not having a religious ceremony you can have a civil ceremony or a “unity” ceremony. Unity ceremonies come in all shapes and forms and are limited only by your imagination. Popular options include the unity candle ceremony, the rose ceremony, the sand/water ceremony, and the tying-the-knot ceremony. These grow evermore popular, since they add the couple’s own personal little twist. Imagine bright candles, vibrant roses, vivid sands or coloured water, and lengths of beautiful fabric; each would lend itself wonderfully to an intimate autumn ceremony.


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