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June 6, 2006. Written by

Kick start your creativity for writing wedding vows by having a read through our examples

The idea of sitting with a blank piece of paper and being expected to write a list of sparkling, witty, romantic wedding vows to wow your partner and your wedding guests, is enough to throw even the very best author into a total panic!

A mathematics exam or a visit to the dentist might seem more appealing, but try not to be too daunted or head for the nearest pub instead!

Just remember that the vows you say when you get initially get married and also if you later renew your vows, are purely supposed to be promises about the strength of your feelings for your husband or wife‐to‐be and how you will honour those feelings by behaving in the best way you can towards them once you are married.

This is the purpose of vows, whether you choose traditional wedding vows, or vows that have a more relaxed and non‐religious tone for a civil wedding.

Start by sitting together, (or apart if you find it easier), and think about your partner, how much you love and respect them and how you could show this by behaving in a particular way towards them.

To help you get started, read through our list of example wedding vows, which you can copy or adapt as you like.

Good luck!

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