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How to ask for a gift of cash for your wedding from

How to Ask for a Gift of Cash

13/01/17 • Gift Lists, Traditions & Customs, Wedding Planning

It’s a question asked by many brides every single year: how do I ask for cash instead of wedding gifts without offending the guests? Read on for advice on the most tactful ways to ask for a gift of cash as well as some examples of poems to insert into your invitations. To ask or not to ask… read more

Traditions Silver sixpence |

Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

16/12/16 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies

If you’re planning to wear a white wedding dress and carry something old, something new, then you’re following tradition. Here are the origins of some of the best known wedding traditions and superstitions still used today. Most of us feel comfortable doing what is expected, and if it’s what our mothers and grandmothers did,  it… read more

Rustic style burlap aisle runner |

Win Your Wedding Ceremony Accessories with

22/08/16 • Ceremony Alternatives, Civil Partnerships, Civil Weddings, Multi-cultural Weddings, Religious Weddings, Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

You could win your wedding worth an incredible £40,000, including up to £1,000 worth of wedding ceremony accessories in our free to enter competition. Take your pick from aisle decorations, themed ceremony sets, cute pet accessories, brand new vow books and so much more.   Aisle Decorations A decorative backdrop and aisle runner creates an attractive dedicated… read more

Aisle Perfect Wedding Inspiration |

Aisle Perfect Wedding Inspiration

19/09/15 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies

The aisle is one of the biggest elements of the wedding ceremony, not least because the bride has to make her way down it toward the altar. Traditionally, it’s the first place her partner sees her too, and a more emotional moment there never was. Because the aisle is such a huge component, you’ll want… read more

Ring Cushions Reinvented

Ring Cushions Reinvented with

16/05/15 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies

Ring cushions are a traditional wedding ceremony accessory that, in recent years, has grown gradually less popular. They’re dated, and many couples have lost interest in them. So, this season, has remade them into beautiful, contemporary designs. These are ring cushions reinvented. Above: Burlap Chic Ring Cushion brings a stunning modern take on… read more

Wedding Celebrant Ceremonies

24/06/13 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Planning

Nowadays, a wedding is not the strictly traditional affair it used to be. Couples have a choice of saying “I do” at any licensed venue, at any time of day, and on any day of the week. The only part of this day that remains inflexible is the ceremony itself – ironically, the most meaningfully important… read more

Wedding Sand Ceremony Guide

30/05/13 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies

The most important part of your wedding day is, without a doubt, the ceremony itself – when the bride and groom become the Mr and Mrs. Here’s Confetti’s complete guide on how to use a wedding sand ceremony to make it totally unique! Image of Donna & Paul’s real wedding courtesy of Ibiza Wedding Shop Unless… read more

Mr & Mrs Plaques

Non-Traditional Surname Changes After Marriage

20/02/13 • Finance & Legal, Traditions & Customs, Wedding Planning

Marriage name change is back in vogue around the world. The last decade has seen a definite increase on the number of brides who drop their former name to take on their husband’s name after marriage, and at the same time fewer brides are adding their husband’s family name to their own to create a… read more

Your Guide To Confetti

25/04/11 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Planning

Dried rose petals, glittering metallic stars, bubbles or traditional paper, there’s all kind of lovely stuff they can throw over you!

read more

Humanist naming ceremony

12/03/07 • Traditions & Customs, Wedding Ceremonies

Humanists aim to draw positive moral values from life that are based on human experience, rather than God‐given. The term is used today to mean those who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. They don’t believe in an afterlife, but think that we should try to live full and happy lives… read more