Wedding entertainment to suit your budget

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With an increasing number of options now available, wider choice means that all budgets and situations can be catered for…

Under £50

Buy CDs with compilations of wedding songs and play on a good quality stereo with multiple speakers connected to one stereo for added power.

 £50 to £150

Get guests involved by hiring a karaoke machine. Advanced models have monitors and built in cameras. Make sure you have loads of wedding tracks and romantic songs to suit the mood.

£500 to £800

Hire a classical quartet or an Indian classical orchestra. You can have everything from a solo sitar player to a full ensemble that includes a vocalist.

£800 to £1500

The most popular option is to hire a DJ as they offer flexible options. Rates vary according to whether you want extras such as plasma screens, video walls and projections. Others will have live drummers, indoor fireworks and confetti bombs.

£500 to £2000

Dhols (drummers) and dance bands are an interesting combination as they are both visually and musically entertaining. Some troupes will offer up to 50 dhol players and 20 dancers.

£1000 to £2500

In terms of sheer volume and tradition nothing beats a uniformed brass band playing classic Indian wedding songs, current Bollywood hits and Punjabi folk songs.

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