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Wedding Readings

Most ceremonies have a couple of readings in which a romantic or religious story is told. The readings can be beautiful or thought provoking and will help to set the scene for your own union. Check out our ideas for both religious and non-religious readings and get our book, Wedding Readings, Poems and Vows for further inspiration.

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Wedding Poems for Your Ceremony

04/03/17 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

Wedding poems bring your ceremony to life, with beautiful imagery, emotion or humour. Here is a collection of classic and contemporary poetry, including some lesser known non-rhyming verses and lightly humorous peices that are sure to move your guests and add an extra special element to your wedding day. Classic Wedding Poems For a more formal… read more

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Non-Religious Wedding Readings

22/12/16 • Sample Wedding Speeches, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings, Wedding Speech Guide

Inspirational readings about love and marriage are one of the most popular additions to wedding ceremonies. We have put together a classic collection of some of the most beautiful non-religious wedding readings. All you have to do is choose your favourite. No matter if you’re going for a religious reading or one that’s more secular, the… read more

Dr Seuss Wedding Readings

27/02/16 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

Many couples choose to add wedding readings to their ceremony, to break it up and add some humour or some extra romance. It can be jolly hard to find a reading that is perfect for the couple and the audience, well for Dr Seuss wedding readings I strongly recommend reading “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”, don’t… read more

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How to Get Yourself Reading Ready For a Wedding Service

24/05/14 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

Getting asked to read at a wedding is a great honour, but it can fill many people with dread. Should you introduce a reading? What tone should you take? How can you ensure you don’t trip over any complicated words in a long passage? Robin Kermode, Europe’s leading communication coach, explains how. It can sometimes… read more

Children Readings

Wedding Readings For Children

31/03/10 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

There’s nothing as sweet as a wedding reading by a little person at your ceremony. Whether it’s your 7-year-old daughter or 10-year-old nephew, the whole congregation will hang on every word of a child’s reading and love every minute. It’s best to make sure that your child feels comfortable with the idea of speaking in front of a… read more

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Most Romantic Wedding Readings

31/03/10 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

Wedding readings are the perfect opportunity to add romance to your marriage ceremony. Ask a close friend or relative to read something thought-provoking and beautiful during your ceremony. Here are some of the most romantic wedding readings of all time. Image courtesy of Rossini Photography Say something meaningful that you have chosen together. Ideally your readings… read more

How to choose civil wedding readings

05/03/09 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

All the inspiration you need for choosing fabulous civil wedding ceremony readings You don’t necessarily have to have a reading as part of a civil ceremony, but most couples usually include at least one… and the world is pretty much your oyster when it comes to choosing it! Ideally you want something that explains how… read more

Wedding Ceremony Vows, Music, and Readings

01/10/08 • Ceremony Alternatives, Civil Partnerships, Civil Weddings, Hymns & Music, Multi-cultural Weddings, Other Articles, Religious Weddings, Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Help, Advice & Tips, Wedding Planning, Wedding Readings

Your marriage ceremony is the most important part of your wedding as it’s when you actually make your vows to one another and become legally married. And for most couples it’s no longer just a case of finding a local church with a free weekend…. Find out here what you need to know to have the… read more

Biblical readings

30/01/07 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

As with all the readings and poems that you wish to have read at your wedding service, you will need to discuss them with your minister first, and obtain his or her approval. Genesis I: 26‐28 Male and female, He created them. 26 Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our… read more

Religious Readings for Your Wedding

30/01/07 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Readings

If you’d like to underline the spiritual element of your marriage, then you might like to include one of these religious readings for weddings. Extract from The Divine Comedy Dante (1265‐1321) The love of God, unutterable and perfect, flows into a pure soul the way light rushes into a transparent object. The more love we… read more