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Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows for a civil ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to express just how much you love your partner and tell the world why they are so special to you. If you’re not sure where to start, just check out our easy guide to writing your wedding vows and adapt some of our sample wedding vows to suit your own unique relationship.

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You could win your wedding worth an incredible £40,000, including up to £1,000 worth of wedding ceremony accessories in our free to enter competition. Take your pick from aisle decorations, themed ceremony sets, cute pet accessories, brand new vow books and so much more.   Aisle Decorations A decorative backdrop and aisle runner creates an attractive dedicated… read more

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Top Tips When Writing Your Wedding Vows

13/12/13 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows may seem like a daunting task but with the right advice you’ll find it an enjoyable and rewarding process. Confetti presents its top tips when writing your wedding vows. Be concise Short sentences work better than longer ones: they have more impact and are easy to decipher (especially if you… read more

Renewing your wedding vows

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

Things to think about when you’re making your wedding vows to each other ‐‐ again Renewing your vows is becoming more popular. Although the various churches do offer vow renewal ceremonies, couples often take this opportunity to have a more flexible ceremony and include many personal aspects of their life together. If you’re considering writing… read more

Bride And Groom Exchange Vows

Your Wedding Vows

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

In order for a marriage to be fully legal, certain point must be met within the service. You can’t just say exactly what you want. So here are the things you should probably know if you’re planning on writing your own vows. The words you have to say In order for a civil marriage to… read more

How to write your own wedding vows

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows can make your wedding ceremony even more meaningful–you can include children, family and friends. You have total control! So be creative and personalise your wedding day by creating your own memorable wedding vows. Have you always fancied yourself as a writer? Are you desperate to share with your friends and family just… read more

Writing your own vows – a few ideas

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

Helpful words and phrases to inspire you as you put together your wedding vows Adjectives Absolute, Adorable, Alive, Amiable, Appealing, Ardent, Attractive, Beautiful, Binding, Blameless, Caring, Charming, Chivalrous, Complete, Considerate, Constant, Courageous, Cosy, Dauntless, Deserving, Desirable, Devoted, Ecstatic, Embracing, Emotional, Enduring, Energetic, Entire, Entrancing, Excellent, Exciting, Fair, Faithful, Fervent, Forgiving, Formal, Fragile, Gallant, Genuine, Good‐humoured,… read more

Top tips for vows that wow

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

Your easy guide to coming up with the wedding vows that express everything you want to say The most successful way to write personalised vows is to think about the two of you and the things you would like to promise each other. You may want to emphasise your underlying friendship for each other, or… read more

Sample Wedding Vows For Inspiration

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

The idea of sitting with a blank piece of paper and being expected to write a list of sparkling, witty, romantic wedding vows to wow your partner and your wedding guests is enough to throw even the very best author into a total panic! But try not to be too daunted or head for the… read more

Have fun with your vows

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

Wedding promises don’t have to be solemn ‐‐ here’s some ideas for injecting some humour Your wedding vows can be serious or as humorous and tongue‐in‐cheek as you want to make them. So go on ‐‐ have some fun! If your registrar disapproves or you would rather stick to something more solemn for your wedding… read more

Including everyone

06/06/06 • Wedding Ceremonies, Wedding Vows

When you write your own wedding vows why not include your children ‐‐ and even your guests?! Children If there are children involved in your relationship then it’s a nice touch to include them in your wedding vows, either by mentioning them by name, or giving them their own special lines to say. For example:… read more