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Can I wear a ballgown for a beach wedding?


I want a beach wedding and always have done, ever since I was a little girl. The problem is with the dress. I hate,  just down right hate, all the dresses that are deemed beach wedding dresses. I love ballgowns and want a ballgown. Can I wear a ballgown to a beach wedding if it doesn’t have a long train? I want to shorten the train on  the dress I am in love with. I want the romance of  the beach but to feel like a true princess.

You really can wear whatever you want to! If you want to wear a ballgown on the beach then do it. Just bare in mind that ballgowns are not made for beach weddings in very hot climates so you might get quite hot and uncomfortable and feel the need to change into a cooler, looser dress for the reception. If you are adamant that you want to wear a ballgown then you're right in wanting to choose one without a long train. A gown you can pick up off the sand with a bustle and hook to  raise the hem will be ideal. Peruse the ballgowns in the Wedding Dress Showcase and this great article on Wedding Dress Skirt Shapes which features some stunning ballgowns and some good advice. I'd advise you to look for something along the lines of this beautiful floaty tulle ballgown by Sincerity as it has the shape you are looking for with a lighter material that could be just right on the beach. When choosing your gown and having it fitted, explain it is for a beach wedding in a hot country and ask for a bustle and hook (a peice of material you can use to raise the back of the hem or attach to your finger to lift it as you walk or dance.) I hope that helps and I'm sure you'll look every bit the princess on your day. x
Kate Thompson
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