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Best-Woman Speech


I’m chief bridesmaid to my oldest school friend in June and am really looking forward to it. Her brother is giving her away but will only be making a very short speech, so they’ve asked me to make a best woman speech. What should I include in the speech and when should I speak?

I think you should speak directly after the brother's speech. Her brother can do his more formal speech first, welcoming the groom to the family, commenting on how beautiful the bride looks and so on. Then you could do your speech filled with stories and tales of how the bride was when you first met her at school. Then either you or the brother should give a toast to the happy couple. This would then normally be followed by the groom, then bride (if she's doing one?) and ends with the best man and a final toast. I would avoid any mention of former boyfriends from her school days in your speech!
Kate Thompson
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