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Can we put a bath tub on the gift list?


We’re putting together our gift list and seem to have everything we require. However there are a number of rather large items that we need (such as a new bathroom suite!), but don’t know how to go about asking for them, as people would have to club together.

What would you advise?

With many couples living together before their wedding, it's fine to tell your guests that you would like a larger gift that everyone can contribute to. By setting up your own personal webpages, you can do exactly that. In your case, I'd advise you to first work out the cost of a new bathroom suite, open up a new bank account called (your name)'s Bathroom Funds and ask people who wish to contribute to pay some money directly into the bank account. You can put the account details on your gift list, which is only accessible to people who have been given the guest password. People who do contribute can leave you a message in your guest book. If people are putting money towards something instead of buying you a gift, it's lovely for them to know that the 'item' has been purchased. So, when you've chosen your new bathroom, how about sending a photo of it in your thank you cards? You might also want to bear in mind that some people just will not want to contribute money towards a larger item, and will want to buy you a gift. In this case, unless you want ten toasters and five kettles, it's wise to put together a selection of smaller, individual gifts. Kate x
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