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Disposable Camera Poems


Could you tell me if there is a poem you can put with the disposable cameras as a way of telling guests to use them?

There are several poems suitable for use with our Disposable Cameras. Here is a selection for you to choose from: I'm your camera - so have some fun, You'll make our album a special one! Snap away as best you're able, Then drop me off at the gift table! Here's a camera Please use it a lot, To take pictures of What the photographer will not. The flash is required Because it is night. If you don't use it, The photo's won't come out right. Hold the front switch over 'Til the little light flutters. You're all ready now, So please press the shutter. The perfect distance Is four to ten feet. Any nearer or farther Will be your defeat. At the end of the evening With all film exposed, Return to the best man, Who'll develop the photos. Take this camera and have some fun Get some pictures of everyone! Maybe you'll see something We didn't see That we can keep as a memory! Thank you for sharing This special day with us. To celebrate this special day, Pick a camera and really play. Leave it on the table when you are through, So [bride's name] and [groom's name] can develop the photo's taken by you. This camera's been provided so We'll have pictures of people we know. Take snaps, if you're able Of friends on your table And leave it behind when you go! Don't be daft, Give us all a laugh By snapping a shot And capturing the lot: The debuncle of an uncle Who was a messy pig; The old debutante aunt With her wonky wig; A bride with no shoes Her father having a snooze. Please make our day And snap away.
Kate Thompson
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