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Do bubbles stain?


We are wondering about having bubbles rather than confetti but I have read on many sites that some bubbles can stain even if they say they don’t stain.  My wedding dress shop say they have no samples of the material so can’t even test it.  How can I be sure?

Most manufacturers of bubbles state they  'may stain' to cover themselves in case of whole bottle spillage on expensive and delicate fabrics, yet, in my experience, as far as the odd tiny bubble popping overhead, your dress will probably be just fine. The risk of staining is likely to depend on the amount of mixture landing on a garment and the type of fabric. If  your dress is duchess satin then see if you can get hold of a small piece of duchess satin from another bridal shop or dress maker (or even ebay!) and try it out for yourself just to give you some piece of mind. It's also worth calling a specialist dry cleaners to ask if they have any experience of bubble mixture being cleaned effectively from bridal gowns. If, after all that, you're still not sure - go for some natural biodegradable petal confetti which definitely won't stain as it's dry.
Kate Thompson
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