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How can I have my four bridesmaids in ivory dresses without them all looking like brides?


I am having four adult bridesmaids for our wedding next year, and have begun to think about dresses. I would love them all in ivory, or a sandy colour to match the men’s suits. My dilemma is that they would all prefer long dresses, but I am worried that if they wear long ivory dresses, they may all be too similar to myself!  The girls vary from a 5″1 size 20 to a 5″10 size 10 so it’s going to be tricky getting them all looking remotely uniform!

There are several ways you could have your bridesmaids in ivory and make sure they are not mistaken for you. Accessorise their gowns with colourful wraps or jackets and shoes so ivory is not the dominant colour to their outfits. Coloured floral headdresses or hats would also work well, though I'd avoid any type of veiled hat. Dress sashes of silver or gold around their waists would look beautiful too.  Having them hold something different to your bouquet would also help to differentiate them from you. They could each carry little bags instead of flowers. It's become fashionable for bridesmaids to wear different styles of dresses so you could have one in halter-neck, one strapless, one in sleeves and the last in shoulder straps, each with long skirts, while your bridal gown should be the show-stopping outfit of the day! To find the best style of dress for their very different body shapes check out A Wedding Dress For Every Body Shape. If you want them only dressed in ivory however then ensuring they don't wear tiaras and stay close together and move as a group is the best way!
Kate Thompson
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