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I want a coloured wedding dress


I always thought I would get married in white but now that I am planning my wedding I find I just don’t want to do what everyone else does. I have been a guest and bridesmaid at 3 weddings this year and the brides all wore similar strapless white dresses. I want something different but I don’t know where to look or if I will live to regret it. After all, the big white wedding dress does feel a bit special. Please help me decide and show me some options.

If you want to wear colour, wear colour. I am very much a believer in staying true to yourself and ensuring your wedding reflects your own very unique personal style. I don't think you will live to regret not wearing white but if you do feel that you might like to nod towards that classic white weding look then perhaps you could incorporate it into your outift, with colour and in your style, not in a strapless gown. I suggest looking at the very latest Best Coloured Wedding Gowns for 2013 for inspiration and in the Dress Showcase for more. It is also well worth looking at Coloured Bridesmaids Dresses, Dessy do some particularly lovely gowns that would make ideal alternative wedding dresses. Another way of  bringing colour into your wedding outfift is by wearing an ivory or white gown and teaming it with a coloured wrap or Coloured Shoes.  Finally, take a look at my pick of Alternative Wedding Dresses, that should help you make up your mind. Try on several gowns in all colours and consider an antique gold, pastel pink or silver grey. A coloured gown doesn't have to be vibrant, it can be subtle. You might even like to consider an ivory gown with a splash of colour to the hem a la Anne Hathaway! The choice, really is yours.
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