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Is it possible to have a religious ceremony second time around?


My fiancé and I have both been married and divorced. Is it possible for us to have a religious ceremony this time around?

That depends on your religion. If you are Church of England, it's up to your parish priest to use his discretion. If the answer's no, then that's that. Non-conformist Christian denominations often allow remarriages, but check with the individual celebrant to make sure. Catholics cannot remarry in church unless their previous marriage ended in death or annulment. Remarriage after divorce is permitted under Islam and you can marry for a second time -- but not a third -- in a Greek Orthodox Church. It's possible to have a Jewish wedding after divorce but the Rabbi must be consulted well beforehand in order to resolve any outstanding issues under Jewish law. Whatever your beliefs, if you do hope to have a religious marriage ceremony the second time around, it is absolutely essential to contact the appropriate authorities well in advance of the wedding to make sure it's possible.
Kate Thompson
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