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Order Of Service For A Civil Wedding


We’re having an informal civil ceremony in a hotel. My fiancé thinks we should have an order of service card with the vows printed. Do people normally have an order of service at a civil wedding?

There really are no rules - you can have an order of service for a civil wedding as well as a religious wedding. If you are having your own vows it might be a nice idea to include a transcript of these. You might also like to add a personal message or poem to all your friends and family, thanking them for sharing this special day with you. Here's just one suggestion of how you can word it. FRONT COVER Name of venue Town Service conducted by The marriage of Debbie and ... Date Time INSIDE PAGES Entrance music for the bride... Introduction the Marriage The vows readings blessings Signing of the register Exit music... Personal message from you and your partner...
Kate Thompson
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