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Songs for register signing?


Hi All,
we are having a civil ceremony (no religious content allowed) and was wondering what some of you was having as a song while you sign the register. we getting married in less than 8 weeks and this is the only element we are struggling with.

many thanks

tara x

Beatles - When I'm 64 Queen - Don't stop me now Bryan Adams - Everything I do And mine is civil too :) Also considered instrumental film music (indiana jone, harry potter, braveheard, stardust). But we prefered the modern music. Especially when you listen to the lyrics of When I'm 64. Merry 3 Im just starting to think of this. I like You got the love by the source ft Candi Statton, I also like When love takes over by Kelly Rowland as that makes me think of my oh! Not sure if I'll have them, maybe if I can get slower versions. daisydooberry Oh! Civil ceremony here too! We are thinking of using musical score from movies. I am keen on having The Merry-go Round of Life, or The Promise of the World, both from Howl's Moving Castle. I have the 'World of Miyazaki' album and all the tracks are pretty piano/violin duets. Morning Grace by Fiona Sit is also a pretty waltz-style song that would make for lovely background music. I think it's important to pick a piece of music that you like, and is relevant to you as a couple, but also doesn't take over the moment of signing the register. Soulie21 Were in a church but our vicar has asked us which music we want for signing the registar and we naturally thought we would have to have a hymn but he has said we dont so we are planning to have Shania Twains From this Moment On as it is to us a song we love but also it fits as it is all about marriage as well as not being to over the top for a church wedding.x LisaTennis thank you very much im thinking shania twian forever and always :-) but thinking of maybe take that - rule the world or greatest day :-) got 8 weeks to decide lol! ill stress til i get it sorted thanks for the help x taz15485 I got married in church and had 'stand by me' by Ben E King, 'The Wedding Song' by Julie Rogers and 'I wanna grow old with you' from the wedding singer. My brother played the piano and sang them which made it extra special x Blonde Bridezilla We are having a civil ceremony too, and as we walk down the aisle we are having Leona Lewis - the first time I ever saw your face, then as we sign we will just play her album, Footprints In The Sand A Moment Like This Lou x Louloulouisa im getting married in a church and i am having Shania Twain 'forever and for always', love this song! leanna seabrook we are going to have eva cassidy's songbird for signing the register....we still arent too sure on the leaving song yet. Mrswanless2b we are going to have eva cassidy's songbird for signing the register....we still arent too sure on the leaving song yet. Mrswanless2b We're going to have Eva Cassidy's version of 'Fields of Gold' as this is one of OUR songs and we both love it, but it is too slow to dance to as our first dance. MrsShelly74 We had 'Tristan and Yvaine' from stardust, love that film, 'River flows in you' a twilight song MrsSpringBride
Kate Thompson
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