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Thank You Poems


I would like to know of any poems that would be suitable to put in the thank you cards for my guests.

Here are a few ideas for you On our very special day we thank you for being there as we made or vows toether We were glad that you could share With sincere appreciation we both also send thanks to you for your thoughtful and lovely gift and for your wishes too. This is only a tiny message, but it's written just for you for finding time in your busy life to give us a moment or two. We hope that you enjoyed it amd we'd now just like to say thank you so much for your gift and for sharing our special day. We thank you, each and every one for joining us this day. You've added to our happiness in a very special way. As the years shall come and go, our memories will give us pleasure So thank you for the gift you gave which we will always treasure Mere words cannot express enough all the thanks we wish to say for sharing with us all the joy on our very special day A perfect day is one that's spent with those who really care. We'll never face the world alone, because you're always there. Poems are lovely, but you should also remember to write a personal note thanking each guest for their specific gift.
Kate Thompson
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