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Unusual personalised favours


I am getting married on 22nd September and the only thing not organised is wedding favours for our adult guests. Ideally we would look to spend no more than £200 (we have around 100 adults coming) but struggling with ideas. The sweets / cup cake thing has been done and we were wanting something maybe that could be personalised in some way and maybe something different for the male and female guests.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, including: personalised ginger bread men for the men and gingerbread ladies for the ladies,  iced with each guests' name, little chocolate bars with personalised printed wrappers (though call to check on delivery to make sure you still have enough time to order these), cool and useful wine bottle stoppers for the men and sweet little  seed strips for the ladies, 'His 'n' Hers Lottery ticket holders with hopefully winning tickets! My favourites are these gorgeous His 'n' Hers styles favour boxes whgich could be  filled with something unusual. I like useful gifts too like  these organic basil seeds for the boys & pretty Love linen bags for the girls. For more ideas go to our ' shop search' and  type in 'favours'.
Kate Thompson
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