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Upbeat Song for Your First Dance


I’m looking for a first dance song for my wedding to my gorgeous fiance. He is 6’3″ and I’m 4’11”, so we don’t want a slow dance as we’d look silly and we’re known for our upbeat dancing together, so we want an upbeat song. The only one I’ve found which I would consider is (Your Love is Lifting Me) Higher and Higher.

With your height difference an upbeat song could be ideal but how about taking things one step further by learning a dance routine? You could take just a few first dance lessons to learn something quite amazing that you could perform in front of your friends and family. You did say you were well known for your upbeat dancing together! This could make the day truly memorable. Here are some upbeat song ideas for you - Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen For Once in My Life - Stevie Wonder Happy Together - The Turtles La La Love You - The Pixies All I Want is You - Barry Louis Polisar  Hope that helps!
Kate Thompson
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