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Wedding Abroad


Can you tell me how I would invite guests to my wedding in Las Vegas next year.

I have chosen my venue, which has two chapels that accommodate 30 or 60 guests. Lots of family and friends have expressed interest in attending and we feel the more the merrier but we would prefer guests to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

How is best to do this?

nce you have both decided who you would like to share your special day with, talk to them individually and express your wishes. If people are travelling abroad, they are unlikely to expect you to pay for their travel and accommodation. Instead, they might see it as an opportunity to have a holiday. If they definitely want to come along, help guests with their plans as much as you can by sending an informtation pack. You might include the following: Approx price Hotels (choice of a few so they can decide and book themselves) Flights (again with a choice) Schedule of the day Examples of traditional dishes Dress code for the day Example of cost out there. Currency etc. Put this information together with your invites and send them out as soon a possible, giving people plenty of time to make up their mind. With regards to the people who you have decided not to invite but you might invite to a party or reception when you return... you could send out their invites a little earlier than usual to let them know they're not forgotten! For example: Zoe & (husband) Are tying the knot in... Upon there return they request the honour of your presence to help them celebrate their wedding & commitment to each other. On At Time Kate x
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