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Wedding dress for a tattooed back


I can’t decide whether to wear a wedding dress with a full back to cover my tattoo or show it off with a backless dress. Please help me find something that I can wear with a full back tattoo that would be flattering for a figure which is a little full around the middle…

Having seen the photo of your tattoo I'm inclined to suggest you go for a low-backed dress as it's beautiful and it seems such a shame to cover it up, so with that in mind, I will suggest a selection of high-backed gowns and backless gowns! The other option to consider is to have a wrap or stole to cover your back and shoulders so you can wear any wedding gown. There are some gorgeous fur wraps to choose from in Wrap Me Up. Try Dessy for high-backed designs like the beautiful Dessy 1041 with its high lace back,  this gorgeous style by Lela Rose and the Wedding Dress Showcase for more inspiration. Take a look at our Top 5 Backless Bridal Gowns for low-backed ideas too. For a more voluptuous figure, I'd suggest you look at long-line/A-line ballgowns with a low deep-v neck,  a defined waist and a long skirt. To find the most flattering style of dress for your body shape please read A Wedding Dress For Every Body Shape. And don''t worry about your middle, magic knickers are all you need! Lots of love! x
Kate Thompson
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