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Wedding insurance for ex-pats


I’m English and orginally from the North East of England, I’m marrying my Australian fiance next year. We live in Australia but are returning to the UK to marry in front of my friends and family who I have left behind in England. Our Venue requires that we take our Wedding Insurance which I’m very happy to do so but am struggling to find a company that will cover us because of my partner being Australian. We are then trying to find an Australian company that will cover us for travel and wedding insurance but wedding insurance doesn’t exist over here. I’d really love to hear if anyone has married someone without an english passport and managed to insure their wedding, we aren’t planning on migrating to the UK just coming back for the month to marry then head back to Australia. We are getting married in the most beautiful spot Beamish Hall so we don’t want to lose our venue due to insurance purposes.

Try Our Wedding Insurance which is an Australian company and should be able to cover your travel at least. It may be that you need to take out separate travel insurance over there and wedding insurance in your name parents names with your family's contact details over here to secure your venue. You really are getting married in a beautiful place. I hope you have a wonderful day and a long and happy marriage.
Kate Thompson
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