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What colours go with ‘Cadbury’ purple?


What colours go with ‘Cadbury’ purple? My husband-to-be’s kilt is this colour so I need colours to compliment it.

It depends what kind of a look you want to achieve but for a classic wedding colour scheme with a rich purple, you can't go wrong with ivory or white. Add in an accent colour to bring a little more interest to the mix such as silver or gold or a pale pink, green, or blue for a gentle contrast and you have yourself a stunning and interesting colour scheme. If your groom's kilt has purple in it then it probably has some other colours too such as navy blue or red, in which case you could work these into your theme in the way of venue decor, table decorations or bridal party outfits. Just be careful to keep your strong colours to a minimum - less is more, as they say.
Kate Thompson
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