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White or ivory?


I tried on the dress of my dreams but it is ivory (a cream coloured ivory). My H2B has said from the start he would like me to get married in white and I actually don’t think the ivory colour suits me too well. I am quite fair-skinned with blonde hair. I really want to order the dress in white but is it too much of a risk? I have asked for a swatch of the dress in white but have been told that they can take months to come so I need to make up my mind soon. What if the dress comes and the white colour is terrible on me? I have tried some white ivory dresses and I think they suit me. In every dress shop I feel the shop assistants are trying to put me off. They say ivory is better on everyone but I don’t think this is true. Can you help please?

The general feeling is that the warmer shade of ivory is softer and more flattering on most skin tones than a stark white and this is quite often the case for paler skins in particular. You could reach a compromise here though by wearing white and carrying a colourful bouquet which would take away some of the starkness of the white. If you wear white well then don't be afraid to order up the white wedding dress. If you have cool colouring (blue eyes and you suit blues better than reds) then you're more likely to be able to carry it off than a warm toned, freckly, reddish haired pale skin like me! If you want to order the dress in white, then do it.  I'm sure you'll wear it well and your husband will love you whatever you choose to wear.
Kate Thompson
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