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Who pays for the bridesmaid dresses?


I’m getting married in July and am in the process of buying the bridesmaids dresses.

Who should pay for them? They are very expensive! And what about the best man and ushers’ suits?

Please help

Traditionally the bride and groom would pay for everything, all the suit hire, bridesmaid dresses etc. However in recent years this tradition has changed and members of the wedding party are now paying for their own outfits. I think it really comes down to money and if you can afford to pay for them or not. If you do decide to ask them to pay, it's best to make this clear from the start so they realise what money will be required from them. If the dresses are very expensive, this could be quite a lot to ask your bridesmaids so it might be worth suggesting that you split the cost, or find something less expensive. Kate x
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