5 Things You Should Never do at Your Reception

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Golf course bride and groom photo courtesy of Fabulous Wedding Photography | Confetti.co.uk

Golf course bride and groom photo courtesy of Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography

Things You Should Never do at Your Reception

On the day you say “I do”, there are still some things you should never do at your reception. From getting accidentally drunk to attempting to go to the loo on your own in a ball gown, here’s my quick list to keep you out of trouble on your big day.

1. Go to the Loo Solo

Your gown is to die for, but if you have a ball gown with a hoop and underskirts, do not attempt to have a wee solo. Get your chief bridesmaid to help you with your skirt and the door or you may end up regretting it.

2. Get Blind Drunk

It seems obvious but so many brides have a couple of stiff drinks before their wedding ceremony and then find themselves just too excited to eat – so they carry on drinking. Go steady with the bubbly as you don’t want to lose your balance on the dance floor and end up in a heap, or worse… (See point 3.)

Kissing bridesmaids by Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography | Confetti.co.uk

Kissing bridesmaids photo by Halo and Hobby at Fabulous Wedding Photography

3. Snog Your Bridesmaid…

… or the best man, or the father of the groom, or his mother, or anyone except your new husband. Don’t let anyone get too amorously animated – it will confuse everyone. I refer you to point 2 –  it’s less likely to happen if you avoid getting blind drunk.

4. Throw Your Bouquet Dangerously

The scramble to catch the bouquet can be highly entertaining as anyone who has ever watched You’ve Been Framed knows. Throwing it so high it gets caught in a light shade, brushes a lit candle or actually hits someone in the eye can be avoided by aiming for the back of the crowd. Then watch them scramble with peace of mind, knowing you won’t have a damage or injury claim made against you.

Bride thowing bouquet image courtesy Pinterest | Confetti.co.uk

Bride thowing bouquet image courtesy Pinterest

5. Neglect Your New Spouse

Again, it seems obvious but it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed with the task of thanking every guest for coming, only to spend very little time with your partner. Make a point of taking them aside, soon after the speeches, when everyone is settling down after eating and before the evening reception begins, and sneak off for a short while, just the two of you.

So, there you have it – the fatal 5 things you should never do at your reception and all of them easily avoided with a little forethought. Thank goodness you read this…

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