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Choosing your wedding venue

Written by    Last updated: June 6, 2006

If you want to make your party truly memorable, make sure you get the venue right…

Kiddie kicks

Since parties are about having fun and playing, children’s activity centres and adventure playgrounds make a perfect place to celebrate, jump, bounce and swing in an environment that is guaranteed to be soft, safe and unbreakable ‐‐ even for the adults who’ve enjoyed a drink or two!

Dare to be different

Sometimes the most unlikely places, suitably decorated, make the most stunning party venues. If you’re having a large party, look at warehouses, industrial units, old telephone exchange buildings and former cinemas, theatres and churches. These are often used for antiques fairs or garage sales, but can be transformed, with a little creativity, into something quite special.

Be the first

If you’re after something really unusual, try to rent a venue that has never been used for parties before. The best tack is to consider the sort of organisations which have a large space and could probably do with a little extra money. Talk to the manager of a suitable garden centre (imagine a party amongst the fountains, fishponds and saplings), or perhaps try the head teachers of local schools.

And finally…

Remember, parties are about having fun. So get carried away and let your imagination run riot. The more unusual the venue, the more memorable your party will be!

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