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Give your company the treatment it deserves – with Confetti advertorial!

Example Advertorial - BeachcomberA fantastic opportunity for those in the wedding industry who are looking for something extra special, Confeti advertorials are a top-quality option to show off your business in the best possible light.

What is an advertorial?

An advertorial is a whole page dedicated solely to your company, with text that reads like an editorial and photos and layout of your choice. Enjoy some of our most popular advertorials from Beachcomber, the Hilton and Tropical Sky.

What does an advertorial include?

Your choice of text and images, with either your layout preferences or we can create the perfect layout for you from the photos and text you send over.

Example AdvertorialHow is it promoted?

An advertorial is accompanied by mixed inventory of banners, skyscrapers and MPUs all over the Confetti website, leading the potential customers to your advertorial, and then to your website.
Just a few things you may like to know:

• Confetti has been in the business of making brides happy for over 15 years

• An average of 500,000 visits to the site every month, putting your business in front of thousands of potential customers

• 96% of our subscribers are female

• Over 80,000 registered brides and counting

How do I find out more?

Please contact the media team at or 0161 820 3110 with any questions!