Name Switch: Helping you change your name after marriage


Helping you change your name after marriage


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Starting a new chapter of your life should be a time of excitement and fresh beginnings – so nobody wants to be weighed down with paperwork.

Changing your name can be a complicated maze to navigate – but at Name Switch we’ll help you whiz through as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Name Switch is an exciting service – new to the UK – that simplifies the name changing process by using smart automation to populate the vast array of forms and letters you need to let companies know about the change. Name Switch is quick and easy to use.


It’s as simple as checking a box to choose who to notify from hundreds of UK companies and government bodies and instead of filling in form after form, you’ll only have to input your details once !


“Easy, effortless, all in one tool. Very handy for busy individuals, highly recommended!” Mrs Karolina F


How It Works

NameSwitch How it works



NameSwitch’s uniquely designed and secure system completes the forms and letters you need, ready for you to instantly download, sign and pop in the post.
As with all great services, Name Switch was born out of necessity when Founder, Cécile Mazuet, found herself trawling through endless websites and call centres, grappling a myriad of different documents and time consuming processes – it wasn’t just the call centres that had her on hold – her name change dragged on and on, and took over a year to complete!
If you dread the thought of wasting hours – or even days – drowning in the administration that comes with notifying people that you have new married name, you can let us take care of that for you.
Most popular with newlyweds, Name Switch can also be used before and after marriage, divorce or gender change.
We’ve researched hundreds of companies and we really do know our stuff. With Name Switch you’ll receive personalised instructions, which easily explain what you need to send off to keep you on track.
“ I was scared I would miss something out and it would take too long to pull all the necessary information together. Fortunately nameswitch has made it really simple and has taken most of the effort out of the process. Thank you!”  Mrs Amy O


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Why Choose Us


Name Swtch Why choose us


Founded, developed and supported in the UK, NameSwitch is run by a highly motivated an experienced team who have been on-board since the initial concept in 2015.


Packed with useful tips and FAQ’s, our website covers most topics, – we are on-hand to help with any additional queries you may have. Simply click to chat or email us and we’ll be more than happy to help.


Security and Safety are of utmost importance to us. We use the latest security encryption and we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We will not sell any of your personal information to anyone.


We’ll do the boring bits. We’ve done the boring legwork so you can just focus on the good stuff – leaping straight into your next big adventure new chapter with a brand-new name, officially, everywhere.



Happy Switching!


“What a brilliant idea ! Have recently got married and was overwhelmed by the number of agencies, companies etc that I needed to contact – in a myriad of different and complicated ways. Name Switch is fantastic! So easy to use…very user friendly site…email or phone help if needed…quick…simple…documents printed off and an incredibly simple and useful instruction booklet specifically targeted to my information ! Highly recommended.” Mrs Sue H




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