Wedding Hair Inspiration for 2014

Wedding hair is so important to get right. Certain styles can really enhance your features and make you feel confident, comfortable and generally fabulous – which is exactly what you want to feel on your wedding day! Here are Camilla J Collins‘ top wedding hair ideas. All you lovely brides-to-be can set the trend for 2014!

Bridal wedding hairstyles selection 2014


Wedding Hair has become such a personal choice now to each individual. New bridal styles are featuring all the time and, instead of the bride focusing on what the latest wedding hair trend is, it is more about researching and working with your stylist to find what style suits you best and which style incorporates certain features that you would like it to.

Years ago the majority of favoured bridal hairstyles were a little more severe, such as ballerina buns or up-dos featuring a French pleat. These styles are great if you have a fantastic bone structure to show off and are still prevalent, but nowadays people are going for a much softer look. Softer styles tend to feature loose waves and curls hanging down from a pinned-up style, or even hair fully down with maybe a small portion pinned back or off to the side.

If you want to be experimentative, your wedding day is probably not the day to risk this. People who are used to having their hair a certain way, such as some hair on their face or covering their neck, would perhaps feel uncomfortable having something so different. This is why bridal hair trials are crucial to your wedding day.


Plaits and braids really started to became popular in 2011 and are continually growing in popularity within styles—whether it’s full halo braids, waterfall braids or just a plait off to one side.

Bridal plait hair inspiration for weddings 2014


Up-dos are becoming increasingly softer with looser hair creating messy up-dos. They have become more relaxed in style and are very comfortable to wear.

Up-do wedding hairstyle inspiration for brides 2014

Half Up, Half Down

For brides who want their hair out the way but can’t bear to have it all up, the half up, half down is the perfect compromise!

Hair half up half down wedding hairstyle for bridal inspiration 2014

To the side

This provides a more interesting look and allows the hairstyle to feature in all those lovely wedding photos. You can look great from all angles.

Hair to the side wedding hair style idea 2014


The chignon is one bridal style that really has withstood the test of time.  Ballerina buns still feature occasionally today, but the real current way to wear a bun these days is on the side—messy or neat, you decide!

Weddings 2014 bun hairstyle inspiration for brides

Camilla J Collins provides a bespoke hair and make up design service to brides in London and all it’s surrounding areas. Over the years, Camilla has gained a wealth of experience from various filming projects – short films to features – and also on commercials for brands such as Wahl, Elonex and Pot Noodle. Camilla knows how special and important your big day is!

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