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Bridal Beauty Tips from Debbie Jean Bridal Make‐up Artist

Even the most natural brides would like to wear eye shadow to enhance their eyes for such a special occasion. People notice your eyes before they are drawn to any other features on your face, so learning how to best enhance them is a technique worth practicing.


Prepare the eye surface
Before you can start with any eye shadow application you will need to prepare your eye area for eye shadow. Did you know that eye shadow was not designed to be applied directly onto the skin? It’s in fact designed for application over a concealed and powdered surface ‐ this is the key to achieving a blended and lasting eye shadow application. Concealer creates the base and powder sets the moist concealer in place to provide a smooth, prepared surface for the eye shadow to adhere to. By concealing and powdering the eye surface you will also eliminate pigmentation and dark circles around your eyes – this will make you look fresher.

Choose a high quality eye shadow
The quality of the eye shadow you use will make an enormous difference to your application.  Choose an eye shadow that is silky and blends easily without lifting into a dust when you dip your brush into it.  The shadow should adhere to the skin and blend easily without wiping directly off as you blend.

Use the right tools
Using make‐up brushes for applying and blending is the secret behind achieving a beautiful application. Use separate brushes for applying and blending ‐ one brush for applying the highlighter, another for your eye shadow shades and a clean brush free of any shadow for blending.

What look?

Subtle applications are more suited to morning or midday weddings and deeper more defined applications are suitable for afternoon or evening weddings.

I would suggest avoiding colours like blue, green, mauve etc on the day, stick to more neutral shades of grey, beige, stone, brown – the darker your skin the deeper the shades can be.

A smokey eye shadow application works well to define and enhance a more glamorous look. However a beautifully applied liquid liner and false lashes can be just as effective.  If you are going to wear false lashes choose a pair that creates subtle volume to your lashes.  You have the option of cutting the false lashes in half and applying to the outside area of each eye, instead of applying them all the way across.

HANDY TIP: Never apply one shade of eye shadow all over your eye area ‐ from your lashes to your eyebrows.

Apply highlighter
Always apply a highlighter like white or cream directly under your eyebrow bone.  Your highlighter can be shimmery or matte, but generally look effective if they are shimmery. If your eye lid area (part near your lashes) is very small or almost not visible at all – apply your highlighter on your lid area as well, this will create the illusion of more visible lid.

Apply your shading
Use a deeper shade of brown, beige, grey or stone through your eye crease to add definition and shape to your eyes. Make sure you apply the shading even in colour and blend well, the edges of your application should look smokey and soft.  You can use matte or shimmers through the crease, however I find matte shades through the crease generally look fresher and create more definition.

Completing the look with eyeliner and mascara will be the final step in enhancing your eye shape and colour.  Make sure you use waterproof mascara.

If you would like more personalised eye shadow advice, please visit my make‐up website where you will find details on how to book an on‐line make‐up analysis with me.

Whatever look you decide to wear make sure you have had a trial run before the big day.


Your on‐line make‐up artist.

To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit my make‐up website you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up.

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