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Bridal Beauty In The Bag – Wedding Day Handbag Essentials!

With all the wonderful little handbags around – beaded, satin, organza, embroidered, hard-sided or soft – finding just the right one to complement your wedding finery is a cinch. But the question remains: just what do you put in it?

Bridal Bag & Shoes


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First and foremost, you’ll want to carry a few things to ensure that you look perfect throughout your day and not just at the beginning. And if you can’t fit everything into your bag, get the bridesmaids to help you out.

Make-up matters

Depending on the make-up you use, you’ll need to retouch it throughout the day. If you’ve gone for a minimal look, you may not want to worry about anything more than retouching your lipstick. But if gorgeous make-up is part of your wedding ensemble, be sure to carry the minimum you can get away with to keep it looking flawless. For example, can you replace your powder compact with a packet of shine-control papers? They are a quick way to mop up any shiny patches and maintain a perfect matte complexion.

Another way to save space is to treat yourself to a few of those two- or even three-in-one products. For example, try foundation that can be used as a concealer and has a matte finish, so you don’t need powder on top, or blusher that doubles up as eyeshadow. If you think you might need to do a more substantial repair job on your eye make-up, eyeshadow compacts with your chosen colours are a good idea too. And get down to your nearest big department store – all the good beauty counters have those dinky little sample products, which are great for travelling and packing light.

All in hand

It only takes a minute for perfectly manicured nails to break or get chipped. Keep a nail file and varnish on hand. Check out the Mavala range of varnishes. It’s used in lots of salons, but even better, the entire range of colours comes in mini bottles (around £3.50) that will easily fit into your handbag.

Crowning glory

If you’re leaving your hair in a fairly natural style chances are you’ll want to run a comb through it every now and again. If it’s an up-do, take spare grips and a teeny bottle of hairspray too.

Stock up on spares

If you’re one of those people who only has to look at a pair of stockings to ladder them, it’s worth carrying a spare set just in case the worst happens.

Don’t sweat it!

If you’re prone to stress sweats, deodorant is a must. If your sleeves are tight fitting, you might want to get your dressmaker to sew in some perspiration pads, to avoid those unsightly wet patches underarm.

Sweet smelling

Don’t forget to top up your fragrance throughout the day. You might want to decant some into a mini atomizer, rather than carting the whole bottle around with you.

Feel no pain

If you’re prone to tension headaches, your wedding day is just the day you don’t want one to come on. But be prepared with Origins Peace of Mind On The Spot Relief gel (around £10). You simply apply a little to your temples, back of your neck and ear lobes then breathe in what’s left on your fingers.

Banish stress

Soothe wedding-day nerves with Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a homeopathic preparation that is made up of a blend of healing flowers, including impatiens for impatience and rock rose for terror. You can add a few drops to a small glass of water and sip it slowly every few minutes until you feel better, or put a few drops directly onto your tongue. It’s available from most pharmacies and health shops. Alternatively, try Botanics Time To Unwind aromatherapy oil. Made from a calming blend or orange, frankincense and juniper, simply apply a little to your pulse points.

Take the weight off your feet

Pep up tired and swelling feet after posing for too many photos, with a cooling foot spray. Although most sprays tend to come in fairly large bottle, you can decant a small amount into a handbag-size vaporiser.

Mop up your tears

For all the tears that are bound to be shed on the day, a ready supply of soft tissues is essential.

Fresh breath

For kissing all those aunts, uncles, cousins (and husband, of course!) a packet of mints, such as Smints, that come in tiny click packs, is a great idea.

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