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Bridal Beauty in the Bag

You don’t need to carry a handbag on your wedding day, but there are a few bits and bobs you may want to have close at hand. Whether you go for one of these pretty bridal bags or ask your chief bridesmaid to carry one for you, here’s a handy list of what to put in it, and how to cut corners so you can fit in everything you need.

Satin Kiss Clasp Bridal bag by Confetti
Satin Kiss Clasp Bridal bag by Confetti



You’re going to spend most of your day being photographed, kissing and eating and drinking, so carrying a lipstick is essential. Choose from moisturising lip colours that will need reapplying every hour, or a long-lasting lip stain that will last for hours with a moisturising top coat.

Powder/ Concealer

If you suffer from dark under-eyes then carry an illuminating under-eye concealer to touch up any circles that may start to appear late in the afternoon or evening. For spots, a medicated concealer will heal as it covers so you have peace of mind that your skin looks clear and you’re not making it worse by using a pore-clogging cover up.


We’re all lost without our phones these days so bring along your mobile phone so you can take photos during your special day and upload images instantly to social media sites with a unique wedding hashtag.


Carrying a compact mirror is handy and will save you dashing off to the loo every time you want to check your make up. Your bridesmaids will be glad of it too. A personalised compact mirror also makes a lovely thank you gift for each of your bridesmaids.

Designer compact mirror |
Designer compact mirror by Confetti


Because you never know when you might get a ladder.


It’s an emotional day and you might cry so it’s a good idea to pack tissues just in case. It’s also worth wearing waterproof mascara and good to remember that if you look upwards your tear ducts won’t work –  so don’t worry about being tearful.

Mini hair brush or comb

If you’re wearing your hair down, even if it’s sprayed, then you will need a comb or brush by the end of the day or you could end up looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. A mini folding brush with integral mirror is a handy addition to your bridal bag as is a little comb which will take up no space at all.

Breath mints

If you’re worried about bad breath, suck on a mint or pack a tiny breath freshener spray, as you’re going to be kissing the cheeks of a lot of people.


If you’re worried about sweating, pop a travel size antiperspirant in your bridal bag or start the day with a super strong sweat-stopper, or for peace of mind, do both.


Perfume needs to be refreshed as the day goes on and your wedding day is a long day that lasts into the evening. Decant a small amount of your favourite perfume into a small atomiser so you don’t have to keep the whole bottle in your bag all day.

Personalised Heart Atomiser |
Personalised Heart Atomiser by Confetti

Nail file and varnish

Because all eyes will be on your hands to see your new wedding ring, and you never know when you might chip a nail.


If it’s that time of the month, a tiny tampon takes up less room in your bag than a sanitary towel. If you’re on the pill don’t forget you can postpone your period until after your wedding honeymoon by continuing to take your pill during the week off. See your GP for advice on this.


This is important if it’s a sunny day and especially if you’re pale skinned and freckled, you don’t want to spend your wedding night and start your honeymoon with painful sunburn!

Rescue Remedy

If you’re nervous this little natural remedy can work wonders at calming nerves and bringing peace during moments of anxiety.

Energy snacks

For brides who suffer from low blood sugar and especially if there is a long delay between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, adding a biscuit or energy snack to your bag is a genius idea that will help get you through the day.

Vintage style evening bag |

Vintage style evening bag by Confetti

You might choose to carry all these items or just a few. And with so many beautiful bridal bags around it’s fun to find one that adds something to your outfit. It’s also a good investment as you could use it for every anniversary celebration in the years after your wedding.

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