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Shiny skin, make‐up that lasts… whatever your query, we’ve got it covered.

Q: I’m thinking about hiring a professional make‐up artist on my wedding day. Where do I start?

A:  This is a really good idea, especially if you don’t usually wear make‐up and need an experienced touch. Independent make‐up artists will carry out a trial run a month or so before the big day, then come to your home on the morning of the wedding to recreate the look.

Prices can vary substantially so ring round and make sure you get a written quote in advance, stating exactly what’s included‐‐for example, travel expenses and products used.

You could also try to negotiate a cheaper discounted rate for your mum and bridesmaids to have their make‐up professionally applied. See our Wedding Make Up section.

Q: My make‐up always looks shiny in photographs. How can I avoid this happening on the big day?

A:  You need to start using an oil‐controlling skincare routine straightaway. This means cleansing and toning daily with specially formulated oil‐free products and only using a moisturiser on dry areas‐‐your T‐zone will probably produce enough natural oils itself.

On the big day, use an oil‐free foundation and powder and blot at regular intervals with absorbing sheets rather than continually reapplying powder, which can leave your skin looking caked. Don’t be tempted to apply OTT make‐up for your pics‐‐opt for well‐applied, long‐lasting products and your features will look perfectly defined.

Q: My hands and nails are my worst feature and I’m worried about all the attention they’ll receive on the day. How can I make sure they look their best?

A: Your hands certainly will be in the limelight during the ceremony so start looking after them now! Get into the habit of using a hand cream every day and give yourself a mini manicure once a week.

If you need extra help, treat yourself to a manicure a few months before the wedding and ask the beauty therapist to show you how to look after your hands and nails at home. Then splash out on a professional manicure the day before the wedding for a pretty finishing touch.

Q: Are there any tricks I can use to ensure my make‐up lasts all day long?

A:  You won’t have time to keep retouching your make‐up on the big day so it pays to invest in some long‐lasting products. Start by applying an oil‐free moisturiser over your face, then smooth on a shine‐controlling product under your base.

You can help your eye make‐up last longer by blending foundation over your lids then dusting lightly with powder before gradually applying shadow‐‐this will prevent creasing. Always use waterproof mascara, especially if you’re likely to get emotional! Cream blusher lasts longer than the powder variety (just make sure you blend it carefully) and non‐transferable matt lipsticks stay put longer than glossy, shiny ones.

Finally, spritz your face with a water spray to set your make‐up and help it last all day long.

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