Bridal Braid Wedding Hair Style With Flowers

Bridal Hair Trends For 2013

Well, 2013 is in full swing and after a quiet and cold couple of months the wedding industry is hotting up for all the lovely brides of spring and summer 2013! The catwalk has made way to some stunning hairstyles and they are definitely going to be hot for brides in 2013 – some of my clients are already asking for similar! Here are the top asked-for hair styles for 2013.

Bridal Braid Wedding Hair Style With Flowers


So, first up, sleek chignons… they have always been a popular choice for brides, they are timelessly classic and softly frame the face in a tidy and pretty manner. Be it a loose, waved chignon for a softer flirtier feel or a tighter, polished look, the chignon is here to stay throughout 2013 proving to be a popular choice for brides for yet another year to come.

Chignon Bridal Hair Styles

Next up are plaits and braids. These have been becoming increasingly popular over the last couple of years but I think this is the year they really will be present in a lot of bridal styles in a bolder way. The last couple of years I have been asked to incorporate plaits into many hairstyles, however, this year I believe the plait or braid will be the basis of the style. Fishtail or Herringbone plaits are definitely in and are the perfect choice for those brides wanting to make a bit more of a statement with a modern twist on a classic style. The Halo braid has been popular on the fashion catwalk over the last year and I think it’s made it’s way over to many a bride’s hairstyle mood board for 2013! It’s a gorgeous and angelic style and a perfect for a bridal goddess!  Plaits and braids act as the accessory themselves but they can always be decorated with flowers to give a really pretty and youthful air to your look.

Bridal Hair Braid and Plait Styles

Accessories are being used in a BIG way, there has been a popular trend on the catwalks with the use of alice bands but I have noticed my clients opting for bigger bands made of lace, silk and some decorated with pearls or jewels. Another great idea – if you have any lace on your wedding dress it would be perfect to carry this through to your hair by using some as a band or perhaps asking your hair stylist to intertwine parts of lace through your style – talk about completing your outfit!

Wedding Bridal Hair Styles With Accessories

Waves and twists are the perfect way to soften any style. They lend themselves beautifully to structured vintage styles by softening them ever so slightly so they are easier on the eye… perfect for those brides who want a vintage look but nothing too ‘out there’, and they look super chic all day and all night!

Bridal Hair Wedding Waves and Twists Styles

Classic up-dos will always be a popular choice for certain brides, but if you fancy something different, why not go for a boho down-do?  Distressing a sleek bun or beehive can have a tremendous impact on creating a statement – perfect for the fashionista bride!  You can even incorporate twists and plaits into your boho down-do to give it even more pizzazz!

Bridal Wedding Hair Down Styles

Lastly we have the ballerina bun which is definitely making a comeback!  Some of my brides last year liked the idea of the ballerina bun but few went for it in the end, this year, however, I think we will definitely be seeing more of them. I think brides are getting a little more bolder with the hair these days.  If you like the ballerina bun but think it may be a little too severe for you then why not mess it up a bit?  Re-invent the classic style of air and grace and put a modern twist on it by softening the edges that frame the face and distressing the bun a little… or perhaps a lot??

Ballerina Bun Bridal Wedding Hair Style

The trends this year are so diverse, every bride will be sure to find something she loves!

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