7 Beautiful Bridal Makeup Ideas for the Modern Bride

From the subtle beauty of a “natural” wedding look to the dramatic allure of Hollywood glamour, here are just seven of our favourite beautiful bridal makeup ideas, complete with expert tips from Catherine Legg Hair and Makeup. When it comes time for you to look for a hair and makeup artist, make sure you ask these essential questions.

1) Natural

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“Natural” bridal makeup is a growing favourite among modern brides, its staple being a fresh, subtle makeup look created with minimal coverage. The key is to focus on definition instead of drama, and that means no heavy mascara or bold lipstick, going easy on the blush and contouring, and framing your eyes with soft lashes or very subtly lined lids. If you want a warmer natural look, ensure you don’t use bronzer like you would fake tan and spray it all over your face—instead, define key areas like your cheeks with a very light finish.

2) Glamorous

Hollywood Glamour Hairstyles - Glamorous Makeup Ideas - Red Lips and Dark Eyes | Confetti.co.ukAbove: Image by Sofia Zhuravetc on Shutterstock

This bridal makeup look is very red-carpet, Hollywood glamour that uses a dark or smokey eye and bold, rich red lips. Brows and lashes are more defined, and the eyes picked up by curled false lashes. More colour is brought to the face with contouring or a darker blush.

3) Vintage/Retro

Vintage Retro Bridal Makeup Ideas - Red Lips Dark Lashes - Shimka Bridal Gowns 2013 Collection | Confetti.co.ukFeatured above: Shimka Bridal Gowns

For a dramatic 50s vintage or retro makeup look you have a bold red lip, enhanced brows, and big, dark eyelashes (completed with some winged liner) on quite a pale face. There’s just a hint of colour in the cheeks. Later vintage makeup looks, such as those of the 60s, give more focus to the eyes.

4) A Touch of Colour

Understated Bridal Makeup Ideas - Pink Wedding Makeup Ideas | Confetti.co.uk

One of the most popular bridal looks is to add a touch of colour to complement the face, such as the beautiful dusty rose around the eyes and on the lips in the image above. One of the keys to this look is to define the eyes and lips but be very sparing with the blush. The result is a very pretty, feminine, understated bridal look.

5) Classic

Classic Bridal Makeup Wedding Looks | Confetti.co.uk

Create an elegant, timeless wedding look with pink lips and soft blush, accented brows, and a subtle smokey eye with dark mascara. This is a versatile makeup look that works well with any wedding theme and doesn’t hide your natural beauty.

6) Bolder Colours

Colourful Wedding Makeup Ideas | Confetti.co.ukAbove: Image by mysticlight on Shutterstock

Don’t be afraid of adding some colour to your makeup, but if it’s a radically different look to what you usually wear then your wedding day is probably not the best day to start experimenting (makeup trials are so, so important). Pastel shades are increasngly popular in soft fades above the eyes, but there’s nothing stopping you from being even bolder with colourful liner and/or lips.

7) Statement

Gold Shimmer Bridal Wedding Makeup by Tamara Makeup and Hair - Christina G Photography | Confetti.co.ukFeatured above: Pastel Art Deco Wedding Inspiration

If you love to make a statement, glitter and shimmer effects (when done properly) are beautiful finishing touches. Other options to make a statement include tiny accessories such as miniature gems or flowers. If you like the idea but think it’s a bit too much for your wedding ceremony however, consider it for your wedding reception or hen party instead.

Top Tips

  • Every year there are so many makeup trends, but makeup artists often advise you stay away from these. In twenty years you want to look back on your wedding photos and be proud of how you looked on your big day, but the newest trend today might in years to come look very dated.
  • Keep your wedding theme or colour scheme in mind when choosing your bridal makeup; you want to be in sync with it, not stand out like a sore thumb. This is where white weddings are especially versatile—they offer something of a blank canvas for you to introduce whatever colour you want through your makeup.
  • Make sure that, when choosing your makeup, it suits you and your skin tone to your satisfaction. This is where makeup trials become especially useful: you can see what styles and colours complement you the most.
  • Figure out what kind of makeup you want or need before the wedding day arrives (again, this is something that can be experimented with through makeup trials). Do you want something long-lasting? Waterproof? Do you need something that won’t glare under flash cameras or artificial lights?


Advice From Catherine Legg Hair and Makeup

Hair styles for guests at weddings | Confetti.co.ukAbove: Image by Sofia Zhuravetc on Shutterstock

The trend for 2018 bridal makeup is all about the eyes, and to have makeup that looks as natural as possible—very flawless skin and dewey, neutral lips, and accentuating the eyes to bring out your natural features. Brows are also a big thing, to “help shape your face and make you still look like you”.

“False, individual lashes always finish off the look,” says Catherine. “They are a subtle but effective way to help make your eyes stand out. With the eyes you want something that will suit both the daytime and the evening. Something that looks as natural as possible and ‘not too much’.”

“I always go with what suits that person’s skin tone,” she says. “I use a lot of champagnes, golds, browns, and a lot of blending is the key.”

About Catherine Legg Hair and Makeup

Catherine Legg is a professional celebrity hair and makeup artist and an expert on latest trends. Cat has worked extensively in the TV and film industry, including BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Working mainly across the south east of England, Cat will tailor your hair and makeup exactly as you wish, and will advise on styles to help create your desired look. Please visit Cat Legg Hair and Makeup to see examples of Cat’s TV, film, and bridal work.

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