A roundup of bridal nail inspiration as seen on Instagram from Confetti.co.uk

Bridal Nail Art Inspiration

In the ’80s acrylic falsies were the height of bridal nail fashion and in the ’90s French manicures surged ahead of the pack. Today, brides are much more flamboyant and original with their nail designs. We’re sharing our favourite picks of truly stunning bridal nail art as seen on Instagram.

A roundup of bridal nail inspiration as seen on Instagram from Confetti.co.uk


Your wedding day is your time to shine and bask in the love you’ve found. It’s not necessarily a time for compromise, well, there will always be some compromise, but we’re avid believers in the wedding day being special and the day of your dreams. Once you’ve secured the perfect dress, hair, venue and shoes, it’s time to start thinking about your nails!

You may not realise it, but your hands are about to get a whole lot of attention. You’ll walk down the aisle carrying that stunning bouquet, your-soon-to-be life partner will slip a ring on your finger and your hands will feature in a million photos throughout the day. The last thing you want is to be remembered as the bride with the mancy manicure.

An elegant modern take on a French manicure | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @weddingnails

This elegant nail design is a modern take on the classic French manicure. We love the detailed swirled accent and think this design would work well if the swirls complemented or even contrasted with, your colour scheme!

Diamond-crusted ring finger reminds Mr Right where to put the ring | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @weddingnails

Diamante, anyone? Walk down the aisle and flaunt your stunning studded mani with this beautiful take on a French manicure. The classic stark white tips have been diamond-encrusted as has the ring finger; a nice touch, just in case Mr Right forgets which finger to slip the ring onto!

A blingy pedicure is an easy way to inject elegance into your W Day look | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @weddingnails

Don’t forget your tooties! Even if you’re having an indoor wedding and not wearing open-toe shoes, treating your feet to a bit of pre-wedding pampering is always a good idea. You’ll be on your feet a lot on W Day and most likely, wearing new shoes. Sprinkle a bit of diamante loving across your toes for a blingy look.

Put spell on your betrothed with these wordy bridal nails | Confetti.co.uk
Courtesy of @weddingnails

L is for the way you look at me... send a message to your intended by spelling out the word love on your fingers. From the apt message to the Scrabble detail on each nail, this nail inspiration is spot on!

Diamantes and the two little words that will change your life | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @weddingnails

With all that pressure and attention on the big day, you don’t want to forget your lines on the vital moment. A quick, cursory glance at your fingers will remind you of the two-word sentence that will seal the deal.

Blow your troubles away with this whimsical bridal nail art. | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtsey of @weddingnails

Blow your troubles away with this whimsical bridal nail art. We love the elegant silhouette and whisper blown thistles. We think this bridal manicure suits a woodland wedding theme down to the ground.

Accentuate the opulent Gatsby/Art Deco wedding theme with these bridal nails | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @weddingnails

Blush nails with a contrasting Moroccan-inspired pattern will suit most wedding themes, but we’d suggest opting for this touch of opulence if you’re incorporating an Art Deco/Gatsby vibe into your wedding.

These vibrant nails are a perfect pop of colour for your wedding | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy @nails2inspire

This vibrant manicure would perfectly suit a colourful wedding theme. With live, laugh, love scripted across the nail and hot pink heart details, they won’t be missed!

Invite the sunshine into your big day with these vibrant bridal nails | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @nails2inspire

Fancy getting hitched abroad under a bright sun? We love the idea of incorporating the sunshine in with love: sun, love and your intended. What could be better?

Get the geometric look with this luminescent yellow nails | Confetti.co.uk
Photos @nails2inspire

Another bridal manicure perfectly suited to sunnier climes, these luminescent yellow nails add a pop of colour and fun to your wedding day, plus they’re vibrant enough to effortlessly transition into honeymoon mode.

Unleash your inner jaguar and get your claws out with this daring bridal manicure | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy @ nails2inspire

Unleash your inner jaguar and dust your claws with this elegant look for a sophisticated manicure ideal for themed weddings.

Decadent purple nail art suitable for a wedding | Confetti.co.uk
Photo courtesy of @nails2inspire

Finally, we loved the sumptuous look of this royal nail art. Deep purple and a gorgeous pattern make this one of the prettiest bridal nail sets we’ve seen.


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