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Brides Who Rocked Tattoos on Their Wedding Day: 15 Amazing Bridal Styles

While some brides decide to cover up their tattoos for their wedding, others want to show them off. Here are 15 brides with tattoos that they rocked on their wedding day!

Brides with Tattoos: 15 Brides Who Rocked Tattoos on Their Wedding Day

With tattoos simple and ornate, flat black and bursting with colour, we’ve pulled together a selection of just 15 brides with tattoos who rocked them on their wedding day. Each one proves that tattoos put on display for your wedding day can look phenomenal! In fact, often brides choose to make their tattoos a focal point of their bridal look.


1) This bride with an elegant script tattoo along her spine:

Back tattoos are very often partially (or even completely) covered up by your wedding dress, but you can really show off your tattoo with an alternative wedding dress such as a low-back or backless dress. On the other hand, there are also translucent “illusion” fabrics and lace appliqué designs that could still show off some of your tattoos. You may also want to consider keeping your hair in a pretty up do so that you don’t hide your tattoo.

Bride with Spine Tattoo by Greg Finck Photography - Script Tattoo Along the Spine - Vintage Wedding - Elegant Tattoo Ideas - Brides with Tattoos | above: Greg Finck Photography

2) This bride with decorated arms and a rose between her shoulder blades:

Sometimes you want to make a tattoo into a focal point of your bridal look, as shown beautifully here with this bride who framed the rose between her shoulder blades with the fabric of her dress. The sleeveless, almost Greek-goddess-style design of this wedding dress also shows off the tattoos along her arms. This would also be a fantastic look for a bridesmaid!

Beautiful Beach Wedding - Blue Wedding Dress - Bride with Tattoos - Sarah McEvoy New Zealand Wedding Photographer - New Zealand Waterside Wedding | above: Sarah McEvoy Wedding Photographer

3) This elegant city bride with a coiled tattoo on her shoulder:

This stunning bride put her tattoo on full display in a pretty off-the-shoulder dress.

Georgia Engagement Session by LaJoy Photography - Bride with Tattoo - Brides of Colour with Tattoos | above: LaJoy Photography

4) This bride with a sleeve of vibrant roses:

Your tattoos are a massive part of who you are and can inform your entire bridal look. This bride complemented her tattoo perfectly with everything from the gold detailing on her wedding dress and her rich red lipstick to the cream-and-red roses in her bouquet to match the roses along her arm.

Bride with Rose Arm Tattoos - Bride Holding a Bouquet - Megan and Steve Lakeland Florida Wedding by Savannah Lauren Photo | above: Savannah Lauren Photography

5) This bride with a brilliant floral tattoo on her shoulder:

The thin strap of this bride’s simple white wedding gown helps this tattoo to really stand out, and the bracelet on her wrist is almost an echo of the design of her tattoo as well.

Tattooed Bride with Shoulder Tattoo - A Boho Elopement Against Arizona’s Superstition Mountains - Photography by Matt and Tish | above: Matt and Tish Photography

6) This bride with a dramatic sleeve tattoo:

On a fast glance this bride’s tattoo is almost monochrome, but the red of her lips picks out the beautiful red roses.

Danielle and Rob's Pin-up Style Meets Comic Books Wedding by Bouncy Robot Photography - Tattooed Bride and Groom | above: Bouncy Robot Photography

7) This bride with angel’s wings:

The low-cut back of this wedding dress displays these inked wings beautifully.

Bride with Angel Wings Tattoo on Back - Punk Princess Bride Wedding Styled Shoot from Maddie K Doucet Photography | above: Maddie K. Doucet Photography

8) This joyous bride rocking an upper arm tattoo:

This bride shows off the tattoo on her chest and on her upper arm beautifully with a thin-strapped, V-neck wedding dress. Her tattoos really pop against the minimalist design of her wedding dress and the bold colours of her bouquet!

Black Bride with Tattoo - Colourful Beach Wedding - Brides with Tattoos - Happy Bride and Groom in a Wedding Ceremony at a Tropical Island by Rawpixel on Shutterstock | Image by Rawpixel on Shutterstock

9) This bride bursting with colour:

The reds, greens and blues of this bride’s tattoos are perfectly complemented by her eyes and lipstick, and the floral wedding hair accessory is a beautiful finishing touch.

Bride with a Sleeve Tattoo - Christine Mcmillen Woods Wedding by Phil Chester Photography | above: Wedding in the Woods by Phil Chester Photography

10) This bride with a chic sleeve:

This bride proves that even with a tattoo you can still achieve that classic vintage-style bridal look.

The Faith Dress from the Zena May Collection - Rolling in Roses - Bridal Tattoos | above: Faith from the Zena May Collection

11) This bride and her bridesmaid with stylish tattoos on their upper arms:

This bride’s upper arm tattoo is a beautiful focal point that draws the eye next to the pretty, vintage style ivory wedding gown. Her bridesmaid’s rocking a tattoo of her own too, proving it’s not just brides with tattoos who look fantastic when showing off their body art.

Bride with Tattoo - Bride of Colour with Tattoos - Black Bride with Tattoos on Her Arms - by Andre Brown Photography | above: Andre Brown Photography

12) This bride who is a living piece of art:

This is another of the most stunning brides with tattoos—this bride is showing off her tattoos fantastically with a low cut, sleeveless wedding dress. And the stylishly tousled up do (a stylish take on this fancy bun wedding hairstyle) is the perfect match for her rock-chic style.

Rocker Bride with Tattoos by Mike Allebach Photographer | above: Mike Allebach Photographer

13) These brides with striking arm tattoos:

Don’t miss these brides with tattoos! The bride on the left has her phenomenal, extravagant arm tattoo on full display with a sleeveless wedding dress, and the vivid red of her partner’s tattoo comes alive next to the bright colours of her flower crown (you can make your own flower crown with this DIY!)

Candi and Scherren Bride and Bride Wedding by Andy and Szerdi Photography - Brides with Tattoos | above: Candi and Scherren by Andy and Szerdi Photography

14) This regal bride who exudes rock glamour:

This bridal look is particularly stunning, as with the fairytale wedding dress, the vintage style pearls and lace, and the Hollywood-glam bridal makeup you have all the makings of a classic bride. Throw in the epic tattoos and the rings on her fingers and you have a bride who exudes rock glamour.

Glamorous Bride with Tattoos - Photography by Danielle DeBruno | above: Danielle DeBruno Photography

15) This bride with beautiful tattoos across her arms and back:

The flowing fabric of the bridal gown and the delicate flower crown worn by this bride make for an overall very soft, classic wedding look when put beside the beautiful flowing script, blooming roses, and birds in flight of her tattoo.

Bohemian Bride with Tattoos - Wanderlust Bridal Shoot from Fifteen Photography - Beautiful Wedding Tattoos - Bridal Tattoos - Tattoos at Weddings | above: Fifteen Photography



Aren’t they all beautiful? And you can see even more gorgeous bridal tattoos with this Love Island star’s wedding photo shoot.

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