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Having the knowledge to make the most of your facial features is just what you need for your bridal make‐up look. Here are some corrective make‐up techniques that you can use on the day of your wedding.



Illusion can be created on the face by using corrective make‐up, areas are made to look less or more obvious using these techniques. For example a sagging jaw line or a weak jaw line can be made to look more defined, a round face more shaped and a wide nose can be slimmed down.


Highlighting and shading is used in just the right places to create the effect. The products that are used are either cream foundations (moist to touch) or eye shadow or blusher shades. The colours that are used are light shades like cream and white for the highlighting and a neutral shade of brown for the shading. The brown should be matte and not hold any pink or orange tones ‐ the darker your skin the darker the brown shade needs to be. If you have dark skin use cream not white highlighter.


Dark shades always appear further away and lighter shades appear closer. By using light and dark shades in the right place next to one another you can create an illusion of shape.

Think of when you wear a darker pair of trousers rather than a lighter pair ‐ you will look thinner and more streamline. Light and dark shades can be used effectively to create illusion on the face and body.

Our model demonstrates where to apply the shading to create the illusion of a slimmer nose. Once you have applied the darker shading blend it in to create the illusion.


A round face

If you don’t have much shape to your face apply your neutral shade of brown directly under your cheek bones. Not on top of your cheek bones ‐ tuck right up under the bone with a small blusher brush and target this area that should have more shape to it. Use a white or cream highlighter on top of the cheek bone area to ‘pull forward’ your cheek bones.


Sagging jaw line

A sagging or shapeless jaw line can be targeted by placing your shading directly under the jaw line all the way around the face ear to ear. Blend the line in so it’s not too obvious, but don’t blend the band to wide or else you will loose the affect.

Wide nose

A wide nose can appear slimmer if two thin lines of shading are created down each side of the nose along the widest area of the nose. A white or cream highlighter needs to be applied down the centre of the nose top to bottom.


  • If a feature on your face bothers you enough to warrant using corrective techniques.
  • For a special occasion like your wedding day when you want to look your best.
  • If you have put on weight and want to use these techniques to slim down your facial features.

Practice before the day of your wedding so you can perfect these techniques.

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To read more information on applying your bridal make‐up look, visit my make‐up website you will find detailed notes and images on wedding make‐up.

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