Bridal Makeup by Pam Wrigley

DIY Wedding Makeup! Part 3: Lips

In the previous articles we covered do-it-yourself perfect foundation and beautiful eye makeup – the last step is gorgeous lips! If you want to look radiantly kissable on your wedding day, follow these tips and recommendations straight from the professionals, and you won’t be disappointed! Don’t let your DIY makeup fall at the final hurdle… put a bit of time into finding a lipstick that is right for you.

Bridal Makeup by Pam Wrigley


Image courtesy of Pam Wrigley

First, you must keep in mind that your lipstick has to work well with the rest of your makeup. Lots of brides love the look of dramatic eyes, but if you’re going for a strong or bright eye colour, the general rule is to opt for a more neutral lipstick. You can always buck the trend if it’s right for you – just remember to have a practice run to see how everything works together before the big day!

Consider using bold glosses which work very well as they have the impact, but being sheerer than lipstick they give an overall softer finish to your makeup. Do remember – while glosses look great they don’t stay on as well as lipsticks. You can always ask one of your bridesmaids to carry your gloss for you so you can be sure it is always on hand when you need to top up.

For either lipstick or gloss, pick a colour that flatters your dress. For example, strong and bold lip colours will look amazing with a simple elegant dress, and bright lips work best with wedding dresses that aren’t too elaborate. You can find fabulous vintage reds in all sorts of shades to suit – try some of my favourites such as Lipstick Queen, or NARS – they look great if you’re going for a vintage lace look!

Lipsticks by Lipstick Queen

Images from Lipstick Queen, clockwise from left: Opaque Sinner | Sheer Saint | Butterfly Ball | Jean Queen

If it doesn’t fit… don’t force it

Don’t feel you have to go for the latest red option – natural pinks or peachy tones always look beautiful with any skin tone. If you prefer to emphasize your eyes, you will draw more attention to them by keeping your lips in a natural shade of lipstick or gloss.

A great tip when buying lip liner is to get a clear one – not only does it stop the lipstick from bleeding, but you can use it with any lipstick, no matter how many times you may change your mind about the colour at the last minute! This way you need to buy only one lip liner, instead of a new one for every shade of lipstick. Benefit and L’Oreal both do great clear lip liners – a worthwhile addition to your makeup bag.

Lipsticks and Liners by NARS and Benefit

Images from left to right: by NARS | Satin Afghan Red | Sheer Gipsy  | Sheer Lip Treatment in Greta | Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Buenos Aires | Benefit D’finer D’liner Clear Lip Liner at Debenhams

Staying power vs colour

Choosing the right lipstick will affect your finished look and it will be in your photos for ever and ever, so take time to get it right. It’s better to choose a colour you like and not worry too much about the staying power – get the colour right and keep it handy to reapply, rather than opt for a long-lasting colour that just misses the mark.

Finally, once you have found that perfect colour, think of the texture and taste. Find a lipstick you like the taste of, and ideally in a colour that’s beautifully moisturising as well, to keep your lips tempting and luscious, ready for that first kiss!

Happy shopping!

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