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Dos and Don’ts for Perfect Wedding Hair

Your wedding hair is as important as the gown, the shoes and the makeup – so make sure you take your time to find the perfect style, and that it compliments your overall look! Ask as many questions as you can, and go to multiple hair trials – many stylists do them for free. Before you get started, here are some general guidelines to ensure you look fabulous!

Bride by Douglas Fry
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    • Start thinking about your big day hairstyle as soon as you’ve set a wedding date. This will give you time to grow your hair, experiment with shorter styles, or get used to subtle colouring before your big day.
    • Book a consultation at a couple of local salons until you a find a stylist you feel comfortable with and who understands your hair type.
    • Book your appointment in advance. It’s not uncommon for a good hairdresser to be booked up to six months in advance.
    • Bring a picture of your gown and hairstyles that you’d like.
    • Get your hair in tip-top shape. Plan weekly regular visits to the salon for trims and conditioning treatments two months before the wedding.
    • If you’ve given nature a little hand with the hue of your locks, colour your hair three weeks before the ceremony to avoid roots and give the colour time to settle.
    • Have at least one style rehearsal a month before the wedding. This will give you time to make alternative arrangements in case you change your mind.
    • Remember to take along as much info about your special day to the hairdressers as possible – for example, a photo of your dress, a fabric sample and your tiara and veil to give the stylist a good impression of the look you’re hoping to create.
    • Ask your stylist to take a picture of the finished look – it’ll be useful to show your make-up artist (and your mum and bridesmaids will love to see pics of your wedding day hairstyle, too).
    • Be honest with your stylist. You should feel comfortable expressing what you do and don’t like.
    • Leave plenty of time for your appointment – this is not a day to rush…

Wedding Bridal Hair Styles With Accessories

Above: Camilla J Collins


    • Expect too much from your hair. If you’ve got Kiera’s elfin crop, asking for Gwyneth’s golden mane is just plain unrealistic. Keep in mind that your style has to last the entire day.
    • Experiment on your wedding day – do we have to say this? Think, ‘I’ve always wanted pink hair’ and it’ll all end in tears.
    • Buy your headpiece until you’ve spoken with your hairdresser – their input can be invaluable.
    • Be afraid to ask for feedback and for alterations – you have to be completely happy with your final look.

Beautiful Bridal hairstyles with hairpieces and jewelled accessories

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