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How to look your best, from those in the know

Fashion expert Caryn Franklin talks to top hairdresser Errol Douglas and celebrity make‐up artist Ariane Poole


Q: Ariane, should a bride work with a professional make‐up artist if she has the budget?

A:  This is really a big consideration. A professional make‐up artist can show you new ideas and products that you might not have considered. Having it done on the day also allows you to sit back relax, get pampered.

If you are using a professional make‐up artist, have a trial run well in advance so you feel confident and comfortable with your look. This is the time for any fine‐tuning. If you decide to do it yourself, why not take advantage of the many cosmetic companies who offer free bridal makeovers? That way you can pick and choose what’s best for you.

Always take your time applying your make‐up.

Q: Should a bride go for her usual daytime make‐up on the big day?

A:  The best tip I could and do give any bride is to look yourself ‐‐ just more polished. If you try to go heavier or softer than your regular make‐up then you’ll only feel uncomfortable on the day. And worse, you’ll look back at the photos and dislike them.

You should look like you, only better. So, if you don’t wear much make‐up don’t be tempted to pile it on and if you like your make‐up strong don’t opt for a soft natural look, you won’t feel right. You should take into consideration your dress (the style), the time of day you are getting married, the flowers, any accessories and time of year.

If you want to try out different looks then two or three months before your wedding is the time to start experimenting. You definitely don’t want to leave it to your wedding day and don’t do it any earlier unless you are certain your skin tone won’t change.

Q: How far should the wedding dress style influence the make‐up?

A:  The wedding dress style does play quite a big role in how your make‐up should look. For example, if your dress is soft and floaty but your make‐up heavy with strong colours, it would look wrong.

Q: How can make‐up stay put all day?

A:  To make your make‐up last, you could try long lasting products (foundation, shadows, lipstick and waterproof mascara). Or you could try layering ‐‐ applying a cream or cream to powder (eyeshadow and blush) first followed by a match powder (eyeshadow and blush). But most of all, whether you use long‐lasting or regular products, take your time applying your make‐up.

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