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Expert Bridal Hair Advice

How to make sure your crowning glory doesn’t let you down on the big day… Make sure your wedding day isn’t a bad hair day with professional advice from celebrity hairdresser Andrew Collinge.

Bridal hair by Pam Wrigley
Image courtesy of Pam Wrigley

What’s the best way to find a good stylist that specialises in bridal hair?

As soon as you book the venue for your wedding day, you need to book your hairdresser. Make sure you go to someone who specialises in dressing hair and has been recommended to you. Choose a reputable hairdresser and they will be able to advise and help in lots of different ways in the build‐up to the wedding as well as on the day itself.

How do I get my hair in good condition for my wedding?

Plan a countdown programme to ensure your hair is in top condition for the day. Go for regular trims and conditioning treatments every six to eight weeks to give your hair strength and shine. At home, keep up the good work with a moisturising shampoo and always use a conditioner.

How many days before the wedding should I have my hair cut and coloured?

It isn’t advisable to have your hair cut on your wedding day. Aim to have your final trim around ten days before the wedding ‐‐ you can have any colour done at the same time. This allows enough time for the cut and colour to settle for the wedding day and ensure you do not end up with roots showing.

How can I secure my tiara and veil?

This is down to your hairdresser, so it shouldn’t be your problem but it is always good to know. Position the tiara in the desired place and with a hairpin, pinch a small section of hair and take it over the sides of the tiara. Secure by sliding the pin back over the tiara with the section of hair. Use hairpins rather than grips as these can slide off. Your headdress should feel secure when you move around. If it doesn’t, let your hairdresser know.

How can I find the best style to suit me for my wedding?

Once you have chosen your dress show a picture of it to your hairdresser so you can discuss the type of hairstyle that will complement it. Don’t buy your headdress without consulting your hairdresser first. If your wedding dress is a romantic fairytale style dress, curls and fresh flowers will look perfect. Otherwise, a simple, sleek, classic dress will look best with smoother lines and a simple tiara. By having a wedding hair trial with your hairdresser you will soon be able to see which styles suit you the best.

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