Expert Tips For Winter Hair Care by Camilla J Collins

Well if the shorter days and dropping temperatures weren’t enough to let me know winter is here, the condition of my hair is shouting it loud and clear! Brittle, dry and limp hair with split ends are a few of the many unwanted signs that winter is indeed upon us! Fear not however! There are some steps you can take to nurture your hair back to health and show off glowing locks all the way until the springtime…

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The problem is that we forget to take as much care to protect our hair in the winter as we do in the summer, when in fact this is probably the time we should be taking the most precautions! If it’s not the bitter temperatures outside freezing our hair, it’s the central heating indoors drying it out to a crisp! Did you know indoor heating can be as damaging to our hair as spending the afternoon under a hairdryer?!

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Hats are great for protecting your hair from the cold and the wind and can be a perfect accessory to many a winter outfit – but too-small hats can actually cause more harm than good. When choosing a hat, make sure it is not too tight as this can lead to the sebaceous glands overworking which results in limp and greasy locks… not what we want at all!

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Get the most out of your conditioner! I’m sure many of you have heard this before but like me, fail to do it on a regular basis.  Although we want relatively hot water to create a good lather for our shampoo and really clean our hair, when it comes to conditioner we actually want cool water to lock in the moisture. If you are washing your hair in the shower, be sure to switch the water temperature down to cool to rinse off your conditioner. So simple, yet so effective – you will notice the difference immediately!

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While the wispy beach-wave look is great for the summer, blunt cuts, be it a perfect graduated bob or fringe, are perfectly suited to winter! However, if you don’t quite fancy a complete “hair over” at the salon, be sure to get regular cuts to get rid of those split ends and keep the hair healthy.

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We all like a bit of pampering, so why not use one for your hair! Just like face masks there are plenty of home recipes if you want to make a night of it, or alternatively you can pick up some great hair mask products at your local chemist to give your hair a boost. Morrocan Oil has had some great press and is still shining in the limelight, I know many people that swear by it and it really is the best for anyone with longer hair that has become too dry by a few too many highlights.

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This brings me onto my last point… if at all possible it would be an idea to put the highlights on hold. I know it is easier to do this in the summer with natural sunlight bleaching our locks, but a full head of highlights will dry your hair out no end in the winter! I would opt for just a T-Section or a few highlights put in rather than going to whole hog! On the flip side however, why not go for a change? Perhaps try putting a darker colour in, although be warned not to do something too drastic unless you are 100% sure. I went from bright blonde to dark red last winter and although I loved it at first it didn’t take me long to get bored (3 months to be precise) of the constant upkeep that going red requires, I am now back to blonde but my hair is certainly suffering from having the red bleached out! You have been warned…

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Simple isn’t it! By taking a little extra care of your hair this winter, you will have even more glorious locks come springtime – all ready for sunshine! So remember – wear a hat outside, condition your hair when you wash and rinse with cool water, trim dry ends, apply an occasional hair treatment or mask for that extra boost, and avoid full highlights if you can. Winter is harsh, but we don’t have to compromise on gorgeous hair!

Camilla J Collins is a professional make up artist and hair stylist covering London and its surrounding areas. She offers a make up and hair design service for weddings, special occasions, fashion and editorial as well as to the TV and Film Industries. Contact her at 07807077982 or email

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