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Eyelash Perming for Xtreme Lashes

On your wedding day you want to pull out all the stops. Eye lash perming is a highly effective beauty treatment that is perfect for your wedding day – Debbie Jean Bridal Make‐up Artist gives the low down.

eyelash perming



Eye lashes create a huge impact to the way your eye make‐up looks, and if your lashes are curled up wards – they become more visible and create a lifting, impactful illusion. By defining your eye lashes with mascara you draw attention to them and for this reason eye lash perming is recommended.


Is a technique used to set the top eyelashes in a curled position lasting six to eight weeks.
Eliminating the need to use an eye lash curler.


It works on the same basis as perming your hair. Perm rollers are first stuck to each set of eye lashes. This is based on how long your lashes are – long lashes require a slightly bigger roller and shorter lashes require a smaller roller.

The perm rollers are first pressed up against the lashes, they are slightly sticky and provide a suitable surface for the lashes to stick onto.

A perm lotion is then applied to the lashes and left on for a few minutes so the lashes can absorb the lotion. A neutraliser is then applied onto the lashes (just like having your hair permed) The rollers are then removed and your lashes will be curled. The products will not burn or damage your eyes and the effect is immediate.

Like any beauty treatment visit an experienced therapist. Perming kits are also available on line for those who feel they have someone they can trust to do the perming.

Lash perming is great because your lashes will be curled for both your wedding and honeymoon eliminating the need for an eye lasher curler.

Like any treatment you need to visit an experienced beauty salon and book an experienced therapist. The treatment is very effective if done correctly. It takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. You won’t be able to wear any make‐up on your eyes during this process.

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