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Your eyes can be enhanced in so many different ways and eye shadow can create a powerful illusion if used correctly. Eyes are also the first feature on the face to age and learning how to enhance them for your wedding day is therefore an important part of the application.


When it comes to bridal make‐up you have two basic choices, you can either choose to decorate your eyes using fashionable colours or you can create illusion on your eyes using light and dark neutral shades. On younger eyes fashionable colours and trendy applications look interesting/fun and draw attention to the make‐up creating a strong statement. However, on ageing eyes, very colourful shadows or high shine shadows, look out of place and make the eyes look older. No matter what your choice, always ensure your eye area has been concealed and powdered. Eye shadow always looks more blended and fresher on a well concealed and powdered surface and it lasts hours longer. You will never see the true colour of an eye shadow if it is applied directly onto your eyelid skin, because the skin is slightly uneven in colour. The concealer and powder will bring your eye lid skin back to a neutral shade, ready for eye shadow.

  1. Have a look at the impact eye make‐up has made to the left eye.
  2. Concealer and powder were first applied to the eyes.
  3. Eye shadow (highlighter and a shading colour) were applied to the eye area.
  4. Eye liner (matte eye shadow applied with a brush) was applied all the way along the top eye lid and half way under the eyes.
  5. Mascara was used to complete the look.

Avoid matching your eye shadow colour to your eye colour. This is an old fashioned approach to make‐up. If you have blue or green eyes, using blue or green eye shadow will add too much colour around the eyes and detract from your beautiful eye colour. If you do like colour on your eyes, rather opt for a thin line of green or blue eyeliner – which won’t overpowering your eye colour. Neutral shades of eye shadow will also work best for your wedding photos.

White or cream highlighters are applied under the eyebrow area and sometimes on the eye lid. They are used to create the illusion of ‘pulling forward’ and open an area more. If you would like your eye area to look as awake and fresh as possible for your wedding day, you will need to use a highlighter like white or cream on your eyes, as well as a matte darker shading colour, like medium shades of grey, cool brown or warm brown and shades there of.

There is not just one way of applying your light and darker defining eye shadow shades, if you would like to know exactly where your light and dark needs to be applied for your eye shape order your personalised skin tone and make‐up analysis on my website.

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