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Your bridal make‐up application can be enhanced with eye liner if you use it correctly. Eyeliner doesn’t need to be a part of your application if you are going for a less defined look, but if you are going to wear eyeliner here are your options.


Eyeliner pencils

Eyeliner pencils are waxy and therefore work well with a smokey eye look for example – smudging easily onto the skin to create this sexy look.
Pencils don’t have much hold on the skin because they are moist and waxy. Once your skin warms up the some pencils smudge making your eye make‐up look messy. Use a high quality pencil and test the formula before your wedding day to make sure you are not sensitive to the formula and that the pencil has holding power.

Eye shadows (used as eyeliner)

Make‐up artists use high quality eye shadow to line under the eyes and on top of the eye lid. Because the eye shadow is in a powder form it lasts hours longer than a waxy pencil. Shadow also creates a much softer, smokier finish around the eyes.

How to use eye shadow as an eyeliner to frame the eyes

Aim for a high quality dark shadow like brown, grey or black (choose a professional make‐up brand). Powder shadow does not mean loose dust, it is dry to touch and well compacted into the eye shadow container. You can match your eyeliner shade to the colour you use to define your eyebrows. For example if you have black hair and are using black shadow to define your eyebrow, you could use that same black shadow to define your eyes.

Use a small, firm haired brush to apply the shadow. The quality of your shadow determines whether the powder ends up smudging under your eyes or actually applying as eyeliner. Make sure you get rid of any loose powder on the brush by gently touching the excess off on the back of your hand or on a tissue, and then begin applying.

Colour eyeliner

Used for ‘fashion’ looks or if you just want to add a touch of colour to your bridal make‐up look. Colour eyeliner is far more subtle than using colour eye shadow all over the eye area.

Liquid eyeliner

Example of liquid liner worn on the top eye lid.

Creates the strongest definition on the lid. Although liquid liner is recommended for evening applications, if applied correctly, it can create a beautifully defined eye whenever you need.

Liquid liner looks best worn on the top lid only. A variation in the technique is to apply eye shadow over the liquid line to softer the strong liquid line.

Eyeliner applied inside the eyes does not look its best without other eye make‐up applied onto the eyes.
Drawing a pencil line on the inside of your lower lash rim creates further definition, although it does tend to make the eyes look smaller. But if applied correctly it can actually enhance the eyes.

Remember practice makes perfect.

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