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By Debbie Jean of realwomenmakeup.com

Generally when it comes to make‐up, there is very little you can do about the shape of your face using make‐up. Although make‐up artists use corrective techniques (like shading and highlighting) when working on photo shoots, corrective make‐up is a lot easier said than done ‐ if it is not applied in just the right way – the effect is minimal.
Choosing the correct hair style however, plays a much greater roll in flattering your face shape.


Unless you have an obvious problem with your face shape, I feel you are not that restricted when it come to choosing a hair style. However, when choosing your bridal style you will need to take your face shape into account, because the style you choose can make or break the way your facial features look. For example, if you have a long face an up style with height and no fringe will make your face look even longer. If you have a round face, curls around your face won’t be a good ideas. So choose your bridal hair style based on your face shape, the style of your dress and your personality.

Lets look at a few celebrities face shapes and you can compare your shape to theirs.

Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah Winfrey

Have perfectly balanced oval face shapes.
The oval shape is very balanced and can handle any hair style.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Therman

Avoid: hair styles that are to long and styles with a lot of height.
Aim for: styles with width ending at the shoulder or above. Wearing a fringe also shortens a long face.

Jennifer Aniston

Has a square jaw line.
Avoid: hairstyles that end on the jaw line.
Aim for: styles that are cut onto the face or cover the sides of the face. Layers are good.

Reese Witherspoon

Has an oval shaped face and a pointy heart shaped chin.
Avoid: hair styles that are full on top.
Aim for: styles that are suitable should fill the area at the jaw line to create an illusion of more width.


Has an oval face shape that is slightly thin.
Avoid: very flat styles down the side of the face.
Aim for: styles with volume ending below the jaw line.

Miley Cyrus

Has an oval shaped face with slightly chubby cheeks.
Avoid: Most styles are suitable, just avoid curls at the jaw line that create width.
Aim for: styles that are cut onto the face or frame the face are also good choices.

All the best for with your wedding plans.

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