Fake Tan For Men

Good news boys! You don’t have to bake yourself in the sun to look like a bronzed Adonis. In fact, getting an all-over tan to look your best your big day will only take you half an hour tops.



Yes, we’re talking about spray tans and tinted moisturisers. And, far from being a ‘ladies only treatment’, this risk-free way of getting a fast and amazingly natural looking tan has fast become a hit with men, which is why there are so many new products on the market: for the face, hairless bodies, hairy bodies and building a tan.

If you’re unsure how to apply then go for a salon. Alternatively, mobile beauty therapists will bring a pop-up tanning booth and equipment to your home for under £30 and you can be bronze within half an hour of opening your front door. It’s that simple.

Your spray tan should last around a week though you can ‘top it up’ while on honeymoon with self-tanning creams to stay brown for longer.

Think about how great the wedding photos will look!

Spray tan dos and don’ts


  • Try it out a month or so before the wedding to ensure you get the right shade and the beautician does a good (non-streaky) job.
  • Exfoliate well (scrub your skin in the shower or bath) beforehand as it’ll help the tan to look more even and last longer.
  • Moisturise your skin well 24hrs before getting spray tanned.
  • Have a shower just before getting tanned.
  • Get your bride-to-be to have a tan too.


  • Wear deodorant on the day of your spray tan.
  • Wear large shorts when getting tanned, go for small speedos and you’ll have a smaller white patch once tanned.
  • Get a tan without telling your bride-to-be. Turning up looking a different colour on the day as a surprise is not a good idea!

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